Among the 6 siblings, Mphatso ( whose name means ‘gift) is the mother. Their mother who walks with the ways of the world in search of money, easily abandons them for more than 3 months and returns whenever she feels so. Mphatso’s mum left before Standard 8 exams were written, leaving her 6 children at a rented house where the landlady just let the kids live without paying rent because they’re in a sad situation.

I asked Mphatso how do they get food, she said her and the immediate younger sister Angella do some piece work, and at times the neighbours share the little they have with them.
Weeks ago, exams results were released and with the following grades, Mphatso has been selected to Salima Secondary school:

English A
Maths C
Chichewa B
P/Science B
Social A
Arts & Life Skills B.

Mphatso with her younger brother, Ndaziona.

In the next 7 days, 17 year old Mphatso needs to go to school. I asked her what will happen to her siblings if she goes to the boarding school, she says a distant relative offered to look after the siblings if money for her school is found.

I believed in Elijah’s ability and am inspired by his 14 points. I believe in Mphatso too. Her selection to a boarding school is an inspiration to her 5 siblings, but if she fails to go to school, what will motivate her siblings to work hard in school?
As it is, she needs tuition fees and other necessities to enable her go to school on the 16th.
I have hope that Mphatso will go to school.