Memory started her journey with YESI in January 2019 as one of the founding mentors. At the time, she was a second-year Nursing student at Mzuzu University. Fast forward to October 2022, Memory graduated and now holds a position at the Ministry of Health in Salima. Throughout the past four years, her commitment as a mentor on the Mentorship Team has remained unwavering. Today, in her own words, she shares the inspiration behind her continued involvement in YESI: 

My dedication to mentorship is driven by my firm belief in its transformative power. These mentorship sessions play a crucial role in helping students identify and pursue their career aspirations while empowering them to address gaps in their generic skills and knowledge.

As a mentor, I have improved the skill of connecting with students who may not naturally relate to me. I have also embraced the virtue of patience when guiding and supporting those in need, helping them discover their best path forward.

My passion lies in nurturing and enhancing students’ skills and knowledge. My true reward does not come in the form of financial gain or material compensation, but rather from witnessing the students I have guided successfully achieve their career goals. This genuine sense of accomplishment is what fuels my unwavering dedication to mentorship.

Through my involvement with YESI, I have seen a significant boost in my self-confidence and motivation. Furthermore, I have gained vital experience in leadership and effective communication, refining my skills in these essential areas.

Mentorship, from my perspective, isn’t about moulding individuals in my image; it’s about guiding them to become the finest versions of themselves. I encourage you to join YESI today because, by doing so, you can also become a catalyst for positive change in someone’s life.

My involvement with YESI has left an indelible impact on me. This organization not only supports the education of underprivileged students but also provides a platform for young professionals like me to mentor and inspire the next generation. YESI has become an integral part of my life, allowing me to simultaneously advance my nursing career while contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for the youth in Salima.