Secondary School Students Tuition Support Programme 

An appeal for student tuition by YESI appeared in the local paper

   Malawi offers non-compulsory free primary education for all citizens but secondary level education requires school fees. Youth Empowerment and   Support Initiative noted that many orphans and other vulnerable youth fail to complete their formal studies due to financial problems.  The organization, therefore, introduced scholarships for needy children and youth to help them finish secondary education. We connect individual students in need of tuition and educational support to potential sponsors. Since the program’s inception in 2017, the organization has been able to link over 40 students to sponsors.

Tuition fees per term (three months) in the secondary schools that we work with range from K10,000 ($14) to K75,000 ($100) for students in Community Day Secondary schools and boarding schools respectively. 

To sponsor a student, please get in touch with our Sponsorship and Partnership  Coordinator: (+265 882 94 00 96) or donate to our school fees fundraiser HERE

Scholarship Programmes 

Janet always loved to think of the transforming nature of education. The constant question she had was: how much does helping one person gain a good education make such a huge difference? It is not only to the person who gets the education that the change is made. It is to the past, the present, and the future of that particular person. It is to their communities and the future spaces they will inhabit.

In 2015, Janet supported Samuel, then a 20-year-old student from Malawi to pursue tertiary education.

Grateful for the support he got from Janet, Samuel embarked on a journey to help provide educational opportunities to young people in his community upon finishing his tertiary education. Using a non-profit he established, the Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative, Samuel started providing tuition and mentorship support to students in challenging circumstances. Janet supported the Initiative by paying fees for other students.

Samuel posing with beneficiaries of the Education Fund at Yambe Community Day Secondary School

Janet Allan was an educational psychologist who worked to improve the welfare of students. She was an extraordinary, giving lady until her passing this year. Her legacy is not one that should be forgotten. True to that, her family has taken the initiative of making sure that the good work that Janet started does not stop with her passing.

During the funeral ceremony, the family decided that the £1,500 that was given to them in condolences should go towards supporting the education of young people in Salima, Malawi. This was the seed fund for the Janet Allen Memorial Scholarship.

The Scholarship, awarded to deserving students from Community Day Secondary Schools in Salima District, Malawi, is meant at widening access to education among students from challenging circumstances. Recipients of the Scholarship are students that are recommended by schools in Salima based on their needs as well as academic performance. It is jointly managed by the  Allan Family and the Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative.

Our goal is to keep the memory of Janet alive. It is to realize the dreams that she had. Thus, we invite partners to join us in keeping the Scholarship by contributing to its Fund. If you would like to donate towards the Fund, please write: or or donate on this link :

The Academic Performance Reward program

A YESI mentor handing gifts to a top-performing student at Matenje CDSS

This program aims at rewarding excellent students in secondary schools that YESI has partnered with as a way of motivating students and promoting the spirit of hard work amongst them.

As YES-Initiative, we believe that rewarding top-performing students help to:

  • Promote appropriate behavior
  • Motivation in classroom activities
  • Complete homework and class exercises
  • Makes students happy

The Debate/ Quiz program

As a way of stirring the student’s brains and improving their presentation and public speaking skills and ability to articulate issues of interest, the initiative plans to launch a debate/quiz program that will be held among schools within Salima. The program will be developed further to include inter-district quizzes/debates, in which joint teams will be selected from the district to compete with a team from another district. The implementation of this program will mostly rely on partnerships with other like-minded organizations/ companies.

Writing Competition

The writing competitions will be amongst students in secondary school and colleges. These competitions will involve a variety of categories, such as (but not limited to) essays, short stories, poetry, music, proposals, and many others. To this end, the organization will be partnering with various organizations/companies, and these partnerships will inform the theme and the category.  The idea is to develop creativity and writing skills, while also allowing young people to be knowledgeable and expressive.