Our Vision

We envision a society where young people are inspired, motivated, and helped to reach their full potential to become builders of their own communities.

This vision is accomplished by raising awareness, empowerment, skills development, supporting students, peer education, creating safe and inclusive learning environments, and mentorship initiatives.

About YES Initiative

Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative (YES Initiative) was established to help address some of the challenges that young people in Malawi face. The youth-led non-profit works empower the youth to take charge of their own lives and communities. Through interventions in education, youth empowerment, health, gender, environment and climate change, livelihoods, governance and ICT for development, the organization’s main objective is to support and empower young people to effectively deal with the various challenges facing their lives.

Mission Statement

YES-Initiative exists to empower youths and influence their lives positively. The initiative aims to achieve this by providing tuition support resources, entrepreneurial and life skills development and mentorship for personal and academic growth to youths.

Core Values

  • Leadership through service
  • Act with integrity
  • Commitment to equality, efficiency, innovation, and respect
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Promote participation and collaboration
  • Transparent, authentic, and trustworthy


Students Sponsored


Secondary Schools Engaged


Students Reached Through Mentorship


Trees Planted

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