On Thursday, May 30th, 2024, the Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative (YESI) team conducted an inspiring mentorship session at Kaphirimtiwa Community Day Secondary School in Salima. The enthusiastic response from both students and teachers was truly heartwarming. The presence of our seven mentors made the session even more impactful as they shared their academic journeys, focusing on SMART goal setting, academic excellence, time management, and career guidance.

Ezekiel Mtambo, Monica Kachigwada, and Vanessa KawerengaAndrew Khongola, Eliza Mankhwazi, Ezekiel Mtambo, Monica Kachigwada, and Vanessa Kawerenga, played a vital role in this success.

Monica Kachigwada, one of our new mentors, expressed her delight at the positive reception of the session. She emphasized the importance of such interactions for students, many of whom may be uncertain about their future goals.

“Since I joined YESI as a mentor, this was my first session to attend. I am glad I chose to be on this team because these sessions serve as a source of motivation, encouraging students to look ahead with determination,” added Monica.

Students at the session.

Rodney Mpemba, a Form 3 student at the school, spoke on behalf of fellow students by sharing the significant benefits they gained from the session. He mentioned learning valuable study techniques, time management skills, and the importance of choosing a college program that aligns with their interests.

“These insights will greatly aid our academic journeys because it is not easy to find the information shared by YESI when we are in remote schools like ours,” explained Rodney.

The headmaster, Mr. Brino Pindani, also commended the efforts of YESI, acknowledging the significance of regular mentorship sessions. He pointed out that most students at the school do not know what to achieve and where. He further emphasized the need for students, particularly those from areas with limited role models, to receive consistent guidance and reminders of their potential.

YESI mentors after the session.

The session was attended by over 200 students and YESI remains committed to continuing its work in providing support to empower the youth as they navigate their educational journeys and beyond.