“Empowering women isn’t just a moral obligation; it’s an investment in the future. By investing in women, we accelerate progress for them and entire societies. Let’s commit to empowering women and watch as our collective future blossoms with opportunity and equality.”

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, Wamwayi Dula, our Mentorship and Volunteer Programs Coordinator, reflects on the active role YESI mentors are playing in empowering and inspiring girls in rural Salima.

Wamwayi Dula- YESI Mentorship and Volunteer Programs Coordinator

International Women’s Day is a powerful occasion for reflection and action, and at Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative (YESI), we proudly join the global celebration under the theme “Investing in Women: Accelerate Progress.” As we celebrate this purple day, I invite you to explore how this year’s theme ignites transformation across generations.

Picture yourself in the heart of Salima, within the humble confines of a remote community day secondary school. Here, the notion of leadership and role models has seldom crossed the minds of young girls. They’ve grown accustomed to taking a backseat, never daring to envision themselves as catalysts for change. Enter YES-Initiative. Through our dedicated mentorship program, we embark on a mission to awaken these girls and youth to their inherent potential. We strive to instil within them the belief that they are capable of greatness, urging them to step forward and seize the opportunities before them.

At YES-Initiative, we champion the cause of quality education for all. Through our mentorship sessions in secondary schools and tuition fees program, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of inclusion. Young girls, once hesitant to assert themselves, now ascend to the top ranks of their classrooms. With guidance from our mentors, they dare to dream of careers in competitive fields, understanding that success knows no gender boundaries. We show them that if others have paved the way, they too can chart their path to success.

YESI female mentors leading the way in inspiring the next generation.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, our vision extends far beyond the present. We envision a future where the young girls we inspire today become the women who inspire others to reach for the stars. Join us in this journey of empowerment and transformation. If you share our passion for making a difference and igniting change in the lives of young people, I encourage you to reach out and explore the opportunities to become a YESI volunteer mentor.

Together, let’s inspire inclusion, empower minds, and shape a brighter tomorrow. Happy International Women’s Day!

For more information on how to get involved and inspire a young person’s life, don’t hesitate to contact +265 997 17 56 38 or e-mail: mentorship@yesinitiativemw.org and follow the steps to becoming a YESI volunteer mentor.