Samuel Malasa Banda
Team Leader

Samuel ardently believes that education serves as the transformative force driving social empowerment, illuminating paths of hope and opportunity for individuals and communities alike. He staunchly holds that through education, individuals gain the tools to challenge societal norms, advocate for their rights, and foster inclusivity. Beyond the acquisition of information, education nurtures critical thinking, and empathy, and sparks the fires of curiosity and innovation. This unwavering conviction inspired him to co-found the YES Initiative in 2017 alongside like-minded friends who shared his passion.  As the founder and Team Leader of YESI, Samuel envisions providing quality education and mentorship to marginalized secondary and college students. He graduated from the University of Malawi with a degree in Communication.

Eleanor Phiri
Finance and Administration

With a Bachelor’s degree in Internal Auditing, Eleanor boasts over three years of expertise in the realms of Accounting and Auditing. Her fervent dedication is directed towards empowering youth, particularly girls, to achieve their utmost potential through education. Eleanor regards her role within YESI as a privilege, as it offers her the opportunity to leverage her skills in advancing a noble cause.

Amos Dimba
Sponsorship Programs

Possessing a robust foundation in human nutrition, Amos has cultivated a profound aptitude for project management and monitoring and evaluation. A profound passion for youth advocacy drives Amos, rooted in the distressing sight of deserving students compelled to abandon their education due to financial hardships. His altruistic dedication finds fulfilment in extending a helping hand to academically underprivileged youth, deriving immense satisfaction from witnessing their aspirations come to fruition and their dreams realized.

Wamwayi Nakarhie Dula
Mentorship & Volunteer
Programs Coordinator

A graduate of the College of Medicine with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) from the University of Malawi. Wamwayi is a dedicated pharmacist with a strong commitment to mentorship and community engagement, Wamwayi is driven by a desire to pay forward the support she once received. In addition to her role at YESI, she also holds the position of Pharmacist Manager at Ritechem Pharmaceuticals.

John Namalenga Jnr
Communications and Outreach

A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Pentecostal Life University, John grew up and went through secondary school without a mentor. He made choices in life that were not critically scrutinized and he had little knowledge of how they would impact his life ahead. He came out all right but through hard work and determination. He now knows what mentorship means to a young person and he believes it should be the same for every young person he meets. YESI provides him with the opportunity of imparting knowledge to others from the experiences he has had so far. His passion is to use his skills to reach as many youths as possible and let them know the right path to follow in life. As he volunteers with YESI, he also works as Public Relations Officer for Malawi Legal Aid Bureau.

Chisomo Banda
Monitoring and Evaluation

A fervent proponent of youth empowerment, Chisomo firmly subscribes to the potential of young minds to effect positive change. Drawing from a background in Economics, she contributes a versatile skill set and a wealth of experiences in the realm of monitoring and evaluation. Through her involvement with YESI, Chisomo has personally observed the profound transformative impact the organization has on the lives of young individuals, igniting a resolute determination to persist in its mission of providing unwavering support and empowerment.

Richard Mathankie
Mobilization & Sustainability

Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Malawi, along with a Diploma in Journalism from the Malawi Institute of Journalism, Richard is a seasoned communication specialist. Currently pursuing a master’s in international relations and diplomacy at the Malawi School of Government (formerly known as Malawi Institute of Management). Outside YESI, he works under the Office of the President and Cabinet. Richard’s professional journey includes impactful roles with esteemed entities such as Development Communications Trust-DCT, Transworld Radio, and African Bible College Radio. His profound dedication centres on empowering and uplifting fellow youth, fostering an environment where their aspirations and dreams can flourish. Joining the YESI team brings Richard immense satisfaction, as it harmonizes seamlessly with his overarching mission to witness the progress and exceptional achievements of young individuals.

Blessings Mtupanyama
Special Projects Coordinator

Blessings has a strong commitment to achieving results and self-motivated. Possessing a comprehensive grasp of Project Management and implementation, she adeptly employs logical and analytical skills to address intricate challenges. Her proficiency in judiciously leveraging available resources underscores her efficacy in attaining organizational objectives, while her capacity to capture success stories attests to her performance excellence.

Within the context of the YESI initiative, Blessings Mtupanyama’ s fervent interest lies in fostering a heightened understanding among youth regarding the transformative potential of education in enhancing societal well-being. Her unwavering dedication is centered on empowering the younger generation through education, cultivating a positive self-concept, fostering self-discipline, and facilitating sound decision-making. Witnessing the positive transformation of youth imbued with these attributes serves as a source of profound satisfaction for her.

Linda Chimkhuzi
Education Programs Coordinator

Linda Chimkhuzi is the Education Programs Coordinator. Holding a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Statistics with a major in Computing and Statistics, obtained from the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic in April 2023, Linda possesses a range of skills including leadership, communication, and active listening. Aligned with the ethos of the Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative, Linda is deeply committed to enhancing the confidence and prospects of secondary school students. By aiding them in comprehending their academic paths and focusing on their educational aspirations, Linda aspires to contribute significantly to their personal and academic growth. Driven by a profound mission, Linda’s passion revolves around guiding youth towards the realization of their dreams through determination and purpose. Her dedication is grounded in her desire to assist them in overcoming the challenges that may arise on their academic journey.