Introducing Lloyd Samson, an extraordinary Form Three student at Msalura Community Day Secondary School. Lloyd has faced numerous hurdles on his educational journey while residing in Chiyamika Village under the Traditional Authority of Maganga in Salima. Today, we proudly share his story as an inspiration to others who encounter similar challenges.

Lloyd’s path was initially obstructed by the daunting obstacle of insufficient school fees. Due to his parents’ ongoing struggle to secure a reliable income, they were unable to afford the necessary fees for his education. The meager funds they managed to gather were insufficient to cover not only Lloyd’s educational expenses but also the needs of their entire family, leaving him with unmet necessities.

From his early years in secondary school, Lloyd grappled with the heavy weight of financial constraints, which led him to seek piecework opportunities to support his education. Unfortunately, this endeavor often resulted in missed classes, causing him to fall behind his peers. Lloyd faced the arduous task of catching up by diligently copying notes and studying tirelessly while steadfastly pursuing his dream of becoming a soldier.

Tragically, Lloyd’s older siblings had already succumbed to the same challenges and dropped out of school. The scarcity of food at home compounded their struggles, emphasizing the impossibility of focusing on education when one’s stomach is empty. However, Lloyd’s unwavering determination to uplift his family’s name kept his spirits high and fueled his ambition for a brighter future.

Lloyd’s firm belief in the transformative power of education and the unwavering pursuit of his dreams led him to tirelessly seek assistance with his school fees and other essential necessities. Despite countless setbacks, it was during his darkest hour that the Janet Allan Educational Scholarship emerged as a beacon of hope. In a remarkable partnership with Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative (YESI), the Scholarship program has covered Lloyd’s tuition fees for the past two terms, ensuring his continued educational progress.

Lloyd Samson is one of the 24 students from five schools supported by YESI under the Janet Allan Educational Fund, a scholarship program that was established to educate brilliant young students from Salima. The fund comes with support from the Allan Family and other well-wishers in memory of their mother and friend, Janet Allan, who died at the age of 73 in February 2022.