On Thursday, 24th November, our mentorship team stormed Chipoka Secondary School for a mentorship talk.

The session, which was attended by over 600 students, highlighted important topics among them: setting SMART goals, career guidance, handling negative peer pressure, time management skills, achieving academic excellence, and the significance of discipline in line with achieving goals.

One of the form four students at the school, Stonard Kevious appreciated the mentors saying they have now made his aspirations clearer.

“I have always worked hard in all subjects and dreamed of college, but I never had an idea of what to study. Because of the session, I now have a better view of my college prospects”, said Stonard.

Speaking after the session, Headteacher for Chipoka Secondary School, Mrs. Kumambala thanked YESI for the valuable lessons delivered to the students at her school.

The mentorship team at Chipoka was composed of 11 mentors, three ladies, and four males. These are graduates from various colleges who volunteer to share their life experiences with secondary school students who aspire to make it to the tertiary level.

Florence Cheyo, a Chancellor College graduate who led the team of mentors said the team believes that a good career counselling session provides students with a secure environment for the students to understand their situations and decide their future.

Since 2017, YESI has been holding mentorship sessions in secondary schools to help students understand their strengths, interests, and educational and professional goals.

As YESI we are thankful to our team and the administration of Chipoka Secondary school for the well-coordinated mentorship session.