The Secondary School Mentorship Program component holds mentorship sessions in secondary schools. This was established after noting that many secondary school students drop out of school and those that proceed; fail to achieve their dreams because they lack guidance and motivation in the form of role models. To effectively run the program, the organization leverages the presence, position, and skills of university students and graduates from the district who volunteer to visit secondary schools and speak to students on various topics. The volunteer-mentors mentors act as role models and encourage the students through group and individual interactions.  The topics that these mentors present include Achieving Academic Excellence, Resisting Peer Pressure, Women Empowerment, Time Management Skills, Conserving Natural Resources, and Career Choices.

The mentorship program is intended to enhance the quality of our student’s education.

How Does the Programme Work?

In the mentorship program, college students and graduates act as mentors to less experienced secondary school students and youths, so-called mentees.


The program takes place in small groups, in general consisting of two to three mentors and five to ten mentees. The groups usually meet once a week.

During a meeting and as a mentee, students get the opportunity to ask for study and life-related questions. The mentors will contribute with their knowledge of the subject and answer questions according to their ability.

As a mentor, you get the opportunity to repeat, enhance, and broaden your knowledge of the subject. It is hoped that all participants will contribute with their own experiences and knowledge to create a dynamic and creative learning environment. Being a mentor is both stimulating and rewarding.

How Do I Become a Mentor?

To join us, ontact our Mentorship and Volunteer Program Coordinator Ezelina Kamaliza at (+265 991 689 510)