The initiative will be implementing various programs as a way of developing a range of life skills among young people in the district.  This exercise will be informed by needs assessment exercises from time to time, to be able to identity what skills young people in the district possess and how best they can be developed to help them improve their livelihoods. Such activities will include workshops, trainings, formation of youth groups, visits and exchange programs with other organizations, and sharing of materials or resources, among many others.

  • Youth Talks

The organization will be implementing programs and activities in which high-profile people in Malawi will be invited to deliver inspirational talks to young people in Salima District on topics that will be reviewed from time to time. This activity will be implemented as a way of ensuring that young people in the district have knowledge on that particular topic, which they can use to develop their lives. These topics will include, but not limited to; savings, cooperatives, health, human rights, entrepreneurship, education, among others.

  • Vocational and Entrepreneurial  Skills Training

A lot of young people in Salima District resort to travelling to South Africa once they fail to go further with their education. Though this has proven to be a viable alternative to some, there are several challenges that they face on their way, or when they are in South Africa.

Realizing that not every youth can manage to attain college education, the organization plans to implement programs that will ensure that those youth that have failed to go further with education due to other factors are empowered with vocational and entrepreneurial skills, so that they are able to support themselves without having to go to South Africa.  To this end, the organization will be partnering with relevant individuals or organizations to provide young people with various vocational and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Media and Information Literacy/ ICT and Digital Media

Under the ICT 4 Development component, the organisation shall train youths in best practices in using social media for active participation in democracy and development. The organisation noted that many youths have access to media, precisely modern media devices likes smartphones and tablets but they are not conversant with how best they can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. for personal and professional development. Upon identifying these challenges, the organisation aims to streamline Media and Information literacy element into Secondary School Mentorship Sessions